Proman Project Management Services

Company Philosophy
Our Clients

The company has become an integral and indispensable component of the Project development process acting as an extension of the client’s organisation. Proman generally becomes involved from project conception, through the business planning and development phases to project commission and thereafter maintains a role in ensuring the project’s operational success throughout its lifecycle.

Our Operating Environment

Proman is determined to contribute to the economic empowerment of all South Africans. The company’s approach to employing staff, to engaging service providers, sub-contractors and suppliers, and to the assignments in which it is willing to become involved, all clearly reflect a commitment to the advancement of South African society.

Proman has firmly entrenched empowerment protocols at all levels of the organisation and is committed to training and education and has developed an experienced and highly competent technical and management capacity.

Our People

Proman’s management philosophy embraces shared values, partnering, teamwork and efficiency. The project management sector of the professional services industry is highly competitive and attracts highly skilled and talented individuals. Proman’s philosophy is to engage the services of the very best skilled people available, provide them with a stimulating, rewarding and liberated working environment and to effectively harness and direct the team’s collective talents and skills for the benefit of its clients.

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